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Market Month: May 2018

The Markets (as of market close May 31, 2018) Despite a sell-off on the last day of the month, equities held enough of their gains to post mostly positive month-over-month returns. The Trump administration imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. And, just before scheduled trade talks with China were to resume, President Trump announced that he would proceed with tariffs on Chinese imports and limit Chinese investment in U.S. tech companies. Investors feared retaliation from impacted countries could lead to an all-out trade war. Early in the month, signs of rising inflation sent large caps down, while small caps and tech stocks climbed. However, stocks recovered following the Fed's decision to maintain the current interest rate range. Throughout the month, stocks rallied, then slipped back, amid trade war fears, a few mediocre corporate earnings reports, and fear of rising price inflation. Nevertheless, each of the indexes listed here posted monthly gains, w ...

Important Notice Regarding a Change in Your Money Market Option

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of changes we will be making to the current money market option we use for the cash balances associated with your account. In July 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved new rules that alter certain features of U.S. money market funds. These changes include the possibility of the price per share fluctuating from its long-standing $1.00 per share value, having potential fees for redemption and the potential for not allowing redemptions under certain conditions. While these occurrences may not ever happen and/or be rare, we have continued to seek alternatives that avoid any of these potential factors for our clients. As you know, we are currently using the Federated Government Obligations Premier Money Market fund for the short-term investing of cash that has been received or deposited into your account pending further investment or distribution. Effective July 1, 2018 we are switching to the Insured Cash Sweep, a Promontory InterFinancial Netwo ...




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