pt English Our Commercial Bill Pay system allows you to pay bills for single or multiple entity. To begin the initial screen allows you to choose the business by simply clicking on the appropriate entity. Once you're in the bill payment section you can switch companies by clicking on the drop-down box as payees are specific to each company or entity. To add a new payee click Add payee, a window will appear with suggested or popular payees. You can add a payee from the list or use the text field provided to enter a person or business, such as your cable company or gardener. As you can see here we have used ADT Security Services as an example. Once you type in the name of the payee click Add, a window will appear for you to enter the paying information. Once you have entered your account number and billing information click Confirm. A confirmation window will appear letting you know you have successfully added the payee. Once you have created your payee you can set up autopay and/or add a reminder when a payment is do. You can create additional payees by clicking the add another payee button. If you would like to make a payment click Pay this payee. You can see a list of your payees from the main Bill Pay screen. If you would like to add a remittance or invoice to your payments click the drop-down arrow next to the payee and choose add invoice. Follow the steps to add the pertinent information to your payment, you can also use the drop-down box to send an expedited payments, send an extra payment, view payment history and set up auto payment. Bill Pay has dual control functionality that allows one user to create a payment and a second user or administrator to approve the payment. Bill Pay items that need to be approved can be seen here under the approvals tab. Additional Bill Pay reporting and alerts can be found under the Resources tab. User entitlements can be created based on company accounts, payee creation and payment limits.