A Client Focus on Spartan Light Metal Products

Spartan Light Metal ProductsMelissa Markwort, Vice President Strategy, a third-generation Spartan employee, and Don Jubel, second-generation Chairman, stand proudly in front of the Spartan symbol.

It’s a fact that family-owned businesses are the backbone of the American economy. With 30% of family businesses making it to the second generation, family-owned businesses are unique in their long-term perspective. Family-owned businesses aren’t simply focused on meeting this quarter’s numbers, or short-term profit gains, but rather their focus is on doing what’s best for their clients, their family, and their organization for years to come.

How have you made your organization or family-owned business stand out from the rest? One such organization, Spartan Light Metal Products, is doing this by focusing on the long-term, core values, and their product differentiation in the marketplace.

Spartan Light Metal Products

A multi-generational, family-owned company, Spartan Light Metal Products is a global leader in light metal technologies. Specializing in aluminum and die-cast manufacturing, Spartan offers machining and assembly as well as design and analysis expertise. Spartan was founded in 1961 by Henry A. Jubel, an entrepreneur and immigrant with a vision on providing high-quality products at the forefront of the die-casting industry. Often living on-site to stand watch of the 24/7 manufacturing operations at the first location in Sparta, IL, Henry’s dedication and perseverance led to what is now a global manufacturing solutions provider.

Don Jubel, second-generation Chairman, carries the family business forward with differentiation in the marketplace with its long-term perspective, strong Christian core values, focused engineering solutions, and a philanthropic legacy. As such, The Henry A. Jubel Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. “Our customers like to know they’re working with a company that stands for something,” said Jubel, “and operates by the values it was founded on. In fact, we attract and retain many of our employees due to our unique culture and core values.” The core values that the Spartan team adheres to were developed out of the philosophies of Henry A. Jubel, and are proudly displayed on Spartan’s walls and website.

As with many family-owned businesses, there are processes in place to develop the next generation as owners, including opportunities to work in the business and serve as part of the ownership council. This allows the next generation to get to know all aspects of the business, including how Spartan products are manufactured and made. Don explained that they also require their next generation leaders to work outside of the organization prior to having a full-time position at the company in order to gain more business experience and an outside perspective. “This was recommended to us by our advisory board,” he added. As many family-owned firms realize the importance of strong partnerships, the Jubel family has established an advisory board to not only bring in outside, experienced facilitators, but also to make recommendations for continuing the family legacy for generations. “They suggested that we involve spouse-owners so they’re engaged in the family business and understand decisions,” he added, “so they can help us continue the business should something happen to one of the family owners.”

With the perseverance of a Spartan warrior, the torch continues as third-generation Jubels now assume leadership roles within the family business, board, and ownership council. “Our long-term perspective is a huge asset,” said Melissa Markwort, Vice President Strategy, a third-generation, full-time employee at the business. “We’re not just focused on short-term goals, rather, we’re strategizing with an eye toward innovation and new products for the future.” Jubel added, “After all, our customers, employees and their families depend on us.”

Partnering with First Bank for their first commercial real estate loan over 25 years ago to build a new plant, Jubel recalls the trusted relationship they’ve developed through the years. “Jim (Dierberg, retired Chairman and third-generation leader of First Bank) told Dad and me to call him personally if we ever had an issue with anything at First Bank,” Jubel reflected. “To date, we’ve never had to make that call. They’re part of our team.”

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Spartan Light Metal Products, the Global Value Leader in Light Metal Technologies, may be reached by calling (314) 620-2500 or online at spartanlmp.com.

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