Small Business Savings

Small Business Savings

Savings and Money Market

Safeguarding Your Money

Whether you have a small “Mom and Pop” business or a large company, the team at First Bank can help you manage and grow your business with a smart, safe savings solution. We offer a variety of plans to support your individual needs.

Business Savings

Safeguarding Your Money
Are you looking for a business savings account from a company you can trust to effectively safeguard your money? First Bank’s Business Savings plan is the right choice. Let the team at First Bank help you manage and grow your business with a smart and safe savings solution.

Business Savings Features


Business women representing the First bank Money Market service

Premier Business Money Market

Tiered Interest Rates
Check out First Bank's Premier Business Money Market. This FDIC-insured plan offers tiered interest rates up to $100,000 and over. Let us help you manage your money while earning interest at the same time.

Premier Business Money Market Features

Certificate of Deposit

Flexibility and Peace of Mind
* A CD from First Bank offers flexibility so you can customize a savings plan that is best for you.  With deposit amounts as low as $1,000 and terms ranging from seven days to five years, you can achieve any goal with the peace of mind of FDIC insurance and a fixed interest rate.


Terms and Conditions

* Minimum of $1,000 deposit required for enrollment.  We will mail you a pre-renewal notice on any CDs that are eligible for automatic renewal. For non-renewable CDs a final maturity notice will be mailed prior to the maturity date. There are substantial penalties for early withdrawal.  If you want to change terms (e.g. make additional deposits, change the term, revise the interest payment method or payment frequency) on a renewing First Bank CD, complete the CD Reinvestment Request and bring your completed form into your nearest First Bank branch location.