Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Savings

Account Balances

How do I check my balance?

You are able to keep track of your balance by utilizing our Automated Telephone Banking System, eBanking, or Mobile eBanking using the app on your phone or mobile device.

Why is there a difference between current and available?

The current balance on your account is the balance from the close of business the previous day. It is the balance that we start with at the beginning of the business day. The available balance is what is actually available for withdrawal in your account. It takes into account any pending deposits or credits you may have as well as any holds/floats on the account. The available balance is always the balance that you want to use when using the funds in your account.

Why is my account overdrawn?

Your account is overdrawn because an item(s) were presented to your account and your balance was not sufficient to cover these charges. Please contact our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 for more specific assistance regarding your overdrawn account.


How do I transfer funds between business and personal accounts?

You are only able to transfer between business and personal accounts at the branch or through ebanking (if you are able to view both accounts under one log in). These types of transactions typically require a paper trail for auditing purposes and cannot be completed over the phone.

How do I transfer funds between financial institutions?

You may transfer funds to another financial institution by utilizing our People Pay feature in Bill Pay.

Would I be able to transfer/deposit funds into another First Bank account that I am not on?

You may transfer funds into an account that you are not on by utilizing our Pop Money or Move Money features in Bill Pay or by visiting your local branch.

Is there a limit to the number of transfers I can perform during a statement cycle period?

Federal Regulation D limits the amounts of transfers which can be done on a savings or money market account. You are allowed up to 6 transfers out of your savings or money market account per statement cycle before an excessive transaction fee will be assessed. Please see your fee schedule for current pricing.

Direct Deposit/Direct Debit

What are the different ways I can deposit money in to my First Bank accounts?

You may make a deposit into your account by visiting any local branch, using the mobile deposit feature our our Mobile app, or by using our Bill Pay Services.

How do I set up direct deposit?

You may set up a direct deposit by providing your employer with your bank routing number and account number. You may also have to provide them with a copy of a cancelled check or a deposit slip.

I closed my First Bank account but my funds are still being deposited in to my account.

If your First Bank account is closed, your direct deposit will be returned back to the person sending it minus any balance which may be owed to us. You would then need to speak with your employer in regards to retrieving those funds.

How do I find out which business a direct debit goes to that I see on my statement?

You may find out more information regarding a direct debit by contacting the Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 or your local branch.

How do I cancel an direct deposit or direct debit?

To cancel a direct deposit or direct debit, please directly contact the company that is depositing/debiting your money.


How do I find out who a check was written to?

You may find out who a check was written to by viewing the check through ebanking, contacting your local branch, or calling the Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2.

How do I view a check image? Why is the check image I am viewing through ebanking incorrect?

You may view an image of your check through your ebanking by clicking on the check number itself. If you have a check number which may have already cleared your account, the only image you will be able to see is that first item which cleared.

General Account

Why can't I view my account online or get information through the automated telephone banking feature?

You are only able to view/hear an account if it is in an open status. If your account is at a zero balance or frozen, you will not be able to access this information online or through the Automated Telephone Banking system. Please contact our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 for any questions you may have regarding not being able to hear/see an account.

How do I update my personal information, such as my address or phone number?

First Bank policy states that your signature is required to update an address on your account. You may obtain an Authorization for Change form by visiting your local branch, through your ebanking secure mail message, or by contacting our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2.

Can I update my personal information through ebanking?

You may request an Authorization for Change Form be mailed to you through eBanking. The account change is not complete until we receive the signed authorization form in the mail.

How do I close my account with First Bank?

You may visit any local branch in person to close your account. Click Here to find a branch closest to you. If you are not able to visit a branch in person, you may send a notarized letter to a branch indicating you would like the account to be closed and any remaining funds will be mailed to you.

Card Products

What are the limit restrictions on my First Bank Debit Card?

First Bank Debit Cards have a $1500.00 purchase limit. If you need to make a purchase over this amount, please contact the Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2.

How do I raise my debit card purchase limit?

Please contact the Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 to raise the purchase limit on your debit card.

How do I activate my personal debit or business debit card?

You may activate your personal debit card by making a purchase or withdrawal using your PIN number. A business client may activate their card by calling 1-800-757-9848 from the phone number associated with their account.

What is the process for filing a dispute on an unauthorized charge with my debit card?

Please contact our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 or your local branch to get a dispute started on an unauthorized debit card charge. Click here to find a local branch closest to you.

Who do I contact if my card is lost or stolen?

Please contact our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265, option 2 or your local branch to report a card lost or stolen during normal business hours. After hours and on weekends, please contact our card monitoring company at 800-262-2024.

How do I reset the PIN number for my debit card?

You may reset the pin number on your First Bank Debit Card by going through our Automated Telephone Banking System. Please contact the Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265, option 2 if you have any problems or need assistance getting this information reset.