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Need Help Finding Extra Money to Save Each Month?

Fall is here which means the holidays aren’t too far away. Is it time to consider ways to help you save money each month? While we should all be saving all year, the change of seasons is always a good time to assess where our hard-earned money is going, while also ensuring it’s going where it should be. With a thorough review, perhaps you’ll find there are ways to shave money off of your monthly bills or expenses each month. We’d like to offer a few suggestions while you’re creating your budget for the remainder of the year: 1. Use online and mobile banking to stay on top of your accounts. Set up alerts to notify you if your balance becomes too low or a deposit is made. This will help you to better manage your money. Be sure to set up direct deposit into your savings account(s) to help you gradually build your savings over time. 2. Depending on where you live, Autumn may mean cooler temperatures than what’s typically enjoyed during the summer months. This can t ...

Diversifying Assets

As you know, diversifying assets is always a wise financial decision. It’s also important to make your savings an important part of your overall financial strategy. Whether you're putting a percentage of your income toward retirement or saving for a rainy day, it’s vital to continue building your savings with each paycheck. Whether it’s saving for college, retirement, a house, or just an unexpected car repair, saving is critical for your financial future. Starting with your first paycheck, a set percentage of your income should be direct deposited into your savings account. That way, if it isn’t part of your checking account that you normally make purchases from, you won’t miss it. In addition to traditional savings accounts, it’s also a good idea to consider a CD (Certificate of Deposit) as part of your savings strategy. CD rates stay consistent so you can have the peace-of-mind that comes from locking into a stable, longer-term rate. Once you’ve locked into a ...



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