Since summer’s winding down and area schools will be back in session soon, you may think I’ll discuss last-minute vacations, home equity projects, and other financial-related topics; however, I want to take this opportunity to discuss something unique–the upcoming solar eclipse that everyone is talking about. I certainly don’t claim to be an astronomer, but this event is really fascinating.  I mean, how often will we have the ability to view what some are calling the Great American Eclipse? If you’re in what’s called the ‘path of totality’ you’ll experience the sun disappearing behind the moon, daylight turning into twilight, and will feel temperatures drop dramatically. I’m certain for sky watchers, this will be an incredible experience. Want to know something else that’s really interesting about this rare occurrence? This event is said to be exclusive only to America’s history as no other country will witness this monumental event. If you truly wish to safely experience all this eclipse has to offer, experts say you need to be equipped and well prepared. 

Being well prepared is necessary in all of our life events, certainly not just the great solar eclipse. Because, although this event is a rare occurrence, the sunshine being covered by temporary darkness is something we all can certainly relate to from time-to-time. Life happens. 

How often have we found ourselves in need of some guidance on how to properly plan for retirement, an unexpected disability, preserving our legacy, or the unplanned medical expense? How do we know if we’re saving enough to protect us when life’s clouds move in, or for a significant life event that could impact our short or long-term financial plans? That’s where we come in. 

Our professional staff is always ready to help you properly plan ahead. Although planning for the unexpected isn’t always the easiest topic to consider, it’s something we all must do to fully experience all life has to offer, even a solar eclipse.

As I’ve mentioned before, life will always have some rainy days, or in this case, a really overcast one. Let’s plan ahead and make our own sunshine.