You got a great price on your airfare and your accommodations but your battle to save on vacation isn't over. Our tips at First Bank to spend smart on vacation when you are tempted to splurge.

BYOF: Bring your own food
Airports and airlines are notorious for charging high prices. Pack a meal or pick up food ahead if your boarding time is around a meal. Bring snacks or a meal on a flight rather than purchasing the more expensive menu options offered on the flight. You can also pack healthier meal options than what is normally offered at the airport or on the plane.

Plan ahead
Busy schedule and didn’t have time to research ahead? Most airports offer free Wi-Fi. While waiting to board your flight is a good time to search for deals before you arrive at your destination. For example, museums may offer a discount for booking ahead or restaurants with happy hour deals can be a great alternative to a formal dinner. Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are helpful resources to begin in your research.

Staying hydrated is important for our health. If your hotel offers free bottled water in the room it is generally limited to one or two bottles. Hotels will provide bottled water at a steep price ranging between five to eight dollars a bottle. Stopping by a store to stock up on bottled water in your hotel room can save you from paying these outrageous prices.

If travelling international, know ahead of time what your bank charges for ATM fees or foreign transaction fees. Try to plan ahead to minimize the number of visits to the ATM on your trip. Also, select a credit card that offers the lowest foreign transaction fees for larger purchases or emergencies. These fees will vary from card to card so call ahead before you travel. Avoid paying the subpar exchange rates at the airport currency kiosks by exchanging some currency before your trip.

Get some exercise
Select a hotel that is central to your destination or a hotel that offers free shuttles to popular destinations. Walking is a great way to explore the city and burn extra calories while saving on cab fare or train tickets. Bring comfortable shoes and extra pairs of socks.

Hotel freebies
Most major hotel chains offer extra perks to guests that sign up for their rewards program. Sign up for these no-cost rewards programs and get benefits such as free Wi-Fi, free room upgrades or even free breakfast. Small boutique chains also offer nice benefits such as wine and cheese hour or snacks upon check-in.

Skip the souvenirs
Resist the urge to buy trinkets on the streets and at souvenir shops. Most of the time these items end up collecting dust or end up in a donation bin. If you are packing light to avoid checked baggage fees, souvenirs will also take up precious space in your luggage. Take lots of pictures as a reminder of your trip that you can look back on years later. This is also a great way to share your special trip with friends and family.

Last but not least
Enjoy your vacation and splurge smart.