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Our Risk Management products help protect your transactions and financial information with fraud prevention tools and multi-layered transaction protection.

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To learn more about our Risk Management Solutions and other ways we can assist your business, contact the First Bank Treasury Management Officer in your area.

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ACH Positive Pay

Safety and Security
Protect your accounts from unauthorized electronic transactions. Electronic ACH Positive Pay allows you to designate those suppliers or trading partners that you allow to debit your accounts. If an unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction comes to your account, First Bank will return it on your behalf.

ACH Positive Pay Features


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Check Positive Pay

Protect Against Check Fraud
Would you like to have a form of insurance against check fraud? Check Positive Pay helps protect your account against fraudulent check activity. Once we have your check register information (check number, amount, date, account number), we’ll monitor checks as they are presented for payment. If the clearing check matches the information you gave us, we will pay the check. If something does not match, we’ll give you the opportunity to view the check through our Business eBanking portal so you can decide to pay or have us return the item.

Check Positive Pay Features

Trusteer Rapport

Securing Your Communication

Trusteer Rapport offers an additional layer of security to your existing anti-virus software. It is designed to protect confidential data, such as account credentials, from being stolen by malicious software (malware) or via phishing attempts.

The service consists of lightweight security software that locks down the browser and stops Man-in-the-Browser (malware), Man-in-the-Middle, and phishing attacks against your bank accounts and other protected websites. Trusteer Rapport is also capable of removing financial malware it discovers on protected machines.

Trusteer Rapport should be used even if your computer and network are protected with other desktop and network security solutions. Since it is integrated with First Bank's fraud prevention and detection processes, Trusteer’s service adds an important layer of security on top of desktop and network security products and is capable of detecting, alerting, and preventing some of the most sophisticated financial attacks.

Protect your corporate account against fraud and cyber criminals – they’re out there and trying to get in. Download Trusteer Rapport or Watch How Trusteer Rapport Works. Know your account is protected.

Trusteer Rapport Features