Community First Financial Resources

Community First Financial Resources

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Community First Financial Resources

Community First Financial Resources  serves as the  gateway to financial resources and strategic partnerships for ministries, schools and nonprofits. 

Many banks claim to be community focused, but do not commit the resources to building stronger ones. We have a passion for serving and recognize the importance of supporting your vision with a complete suite of financial solutions:

Church Building.


Talk through management solutions.


Helping hands. Insurance Options.

Lending Solutions   Treasury Management Solutions   Insurance Solutions

Getting the funding you need is a top priority. Being good stewards of the funds you receive is imperative.  We can provide the solutions necessary to implement mission critical projects.
Is improving your company’s productivity important? With our Receivable Solutions we speed the collection of your accounts receivables and accelerate access to your working capital.
If you’re in need of an insurance solution designed specifically for community banks, look no further than First Bank.







Retirement services. Older person helping provide resources.




Helping Hands. Pastor's Toolbox.

Retirement Solutions   Marketplace Resources   Pastor's Toolbox

We've helped companies implement creative and thoughtful retirement plan solutions. We can help you craft an effective retirement plan through our comprehensive suite of services.
We have had the good fortune of working and corresponding with many resources and hope you will find them helpful to support your ministry, school or non-profit needs.
Our Pastor's Toolbox offers you access to educational programs, products, services and news to help your organization succeed.







Retirement services. Older person helping provide resources.



Our Team    

Our Team stands by ready to assist and provide strategic solutions for your ministry, school or non-profit entity.