Wire Services

Wire Services

Wire Services Instructions

First Bank is well positioned to handle all of your wire transfer needs.  Follow the instructions below or reach out to us for further assistance.

Inbound Wire Information

To receive a wire into your First Bank account, please provide the following information to the sender.  If the sender’s bank is in the United States or has access to a bank that can send to a United States ABA routing number, please provide the domestic wire information below.  If the sender is outside the United States and their bank is unable to send to a United States ABA routing number, please provide the international wire information below to route to First Bank via our (correspondent bank) SWIFT code. 

Domestic Wire

  • ABA Routing #: 081009428
  • Beneficiary’s Bank: First Bank
  • Bank Address: Creve Coeur, MO
  • Beneficiary Acct: Your Account Number at First Bank
  • Beneficiary Name: Your Name

International Wire 

  • Address: First Bank, Hazelwood, MO 63042
  • Beneficiary’s Acct #: Your Account Number at First Bank
  • Beneficiary’s Name: Your Name and Address
Note: Some older directories may show our Swift address for FBOLUS6L still as First Bank, Lakewood, CA.


Outbound (US Dollar or Foreign Currency) Wire Information

Outbound wires are one of the fastest ways to send money in the United States and abroad.  First Bank can send wires to financial institutions within the United States (Domestic) and to financial institutions outside the United States (international) in US Dollar and a variety of foreign currencies.  Some important information to gather prior to sending a wire is listed below:

  • Beneficiary’s Bank Name and Bank Address
  • Beneficiary’s Name and Address

One of the following:

  • Domestic: FED ABA (Routing Number) and Recipient's Account Number
  • International: SWIFT code and IBAN/Account Number (for international wires), and currency type (USD or foreign currency)

Outbound Wires Methods

Consumer Clients


  • In Person - visit one of our branches
  • Telephone - Direct call into the wire room (signed agreements are required for use of telephone)

Business or Commercial Clients


  • In Person - visit one of our branches 
  • Telephone - direct call into the wire room (signed agreements are required for use of telephone) 
  • Online - via Business eBanking (a signed agreement is required for use of online access)


Get Started / Questions? 

Your security is important to us.  When communicating via email, please do not include any personal, business or confidential account information.  Thank you! 

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