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Let’s Navigate the Waters of Commercial Real Estate

By Lisa Bulaich Originally published in the Sacramento Business Journal In the course of many business owners’ journey to success, they’ll find themselves considering a lease, a purchase, or the refinance of a commercial property. Perhaps the business has outgrown its current space or a second location is needed for expansion, or continuing to pay the rising cost of a lease just doesn’t make good business sense. The motivating factors are many. When these situations occur, business owners often find themselves evaluating new lease arrangements, researching purchase options, or evaluating the details surrounding a refinance. A lease can make sense, however, if the business owner is not quite ready to put down roots. Purchasing a commercial property can be a better option when the business owner is ready. Purchasing enables business owners to reap the benefits of paying themselves rent while purchasing an asset, to take advantage of tax write offs, and to create a new revenue str ...

What Does Insurance Have to do with Commercial Real Estate Financing?

By ANDREW ZINNOriginally published in the Los Angeles Business Journal Insurance may be one of the more complex and overlooked areas in commercial real estate financing. Typically, banks require borrowers to obtain some level of insurance to cover the value of the improvements being financed. Property and liability insurance policies are lengthy and their review is even more monotonous than reading the reams of paper produced by a bank in the form of commercial loan documents. Just like your loan documents, one should pay particular attention to the defined terms and exclusions in an insurance policy. The definitions and exclusions are the key to unlocking the scope of your coverage. One of the key exclusions you’ll find with standard property insurance policies is for pollution. Introduced in 1978, environmental insurance was first developed to fill the insurance coverage gaps created by pollution exclusions in liability and property insurance policies. Because the definition of pollution may be subjective, ...