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Business Owners Should Consider the Benefits of Purchasing Versus Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Frank Tapia, Vice President,Business Banking Originally published in the Long Beach Business Journal Often, savvy business owners need to evaluate if the existing property they’re located in is right for their long-term business needs. This can certainly be the case if the business has recently experienced growth or needs additional locations in order to do so. Since all situations vary, each business owner must determine if renting or owning a commercial property makes sense for them. Although many may realize it’s preferred to purchase a home rather than rent, many may not realize that paying a commercial mortgage can also be more reasonable than renting. In fact, in a recent analysis, it was estimated that it could cost 86.6% more to lease vs. purchase a commercial real estate property over a 15-year occupancy period*. In fact, one of our valued clients, a retail store with the same location for the past seven years, consistently grew each year. Of course, with each passing year, they were outgrowing t ...

The Right Banking Partnership Can Help Determine the Success of Your Privately-Owned Business

By KAREN BROWN SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, COMMERCIAL TEAM LEADER Originally published in the San Francisco Valley Business Journal Of course, we all know in order to be successful in business, you need to have the right people in place, the right product or service, and the right price. Did you also know it’s essential to have the right strategic banking partnership? Certainly, any bank can open accounts, accept deposits, and generate loans; however, it’s the banking partnership and holistic relationship that truly can have an impact on the long-term success of a business, especially those that are privately-held. In fact, a recent survey* indicated that business owners reported the highest level of satisfaction with client-focused banks and those that are deeply-rooted in the communities in which they serve. Within the survey, 80% chose a client-focused bank over the larger-scale banks (61%) and online lenders (46%). In business, relationships—including the one you have with your ban ...