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Trouble Finding the Right Bank? Tips from a Banking Insider

Originally published in the Orange County Business Journal Recently, I was given a great opportunity to show just what I can do as a relationship manager and what we can do as a bank. The owner of a distribution company I was recently introduced to said, “I liked the guy at the other bank that came out to see me but I gave him my financial package and, after three months, nothing ever happened.” Does this sound familiar? Let me give you a few tips on how to best avoid this scenario if you’re looking for a commercial loan or line of credit for your business, or if you are a trusted advisor helping your client through this process. Don’t just rely on one lender. It is helpful to shop a small, medium, and large bank to see what each has to offer. Realize a good offer can take time, so ask how the process works. You should get a pretty good indication of how the bank will view your company within the first few weeks, although it may take up to a few months to finalize funding ...

For Long-Term Success in a Family Business, Think Like a Farmer

By MICHAEL DIERBERG, Chairman of the Board, FB Corporation (First Bank) For those of us who live and work in cities, the world around us is the here and now. Everything is new. We work in office buildings that are probably younger than most of the people working in them. The tools we use to do our jobs didn’t exist 10 – 20 years ago. We use things and then discard them. Given our surroundings, it’s not surprising that often our perspective is narrowly focused on what is directly in front of us, or the here and now. Contrast that with the perspective of a farmer. The farmer may live in the same home that his or her grandparents or great-grandparents built. Likewise, the fields and barns have been passed down and tended to by generations before. At night, the farmer has a clear view of the sky as a reminder of a broader picture beyond that day’s activities. All of this leads to several traits that are common in the farming community: appreciation and respect for the contribution of othe ...

FIRST BANK WISDOM®: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

MICHAEL LAW, Senior Group Manager, N. California Commercial p: (925) 746-2805 e: Although economic optimism is high, so are interest rates–at least from what we’ve enjoyed in the last few years. The Federal Re¬serve has already raised rates twice since December 2017, with more increases predicted in the near future. If you refer to the graph, in the last decade, rates have remained fairly steady and flat. As the economy improves, the Federal Reserve raises rates to stay in step with inflation. This creates what is known as interest rate risk. Investopedia defines interest rate risk as “the risk that an investment’s value will change due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates or in any other interest rate relationship.” As a business owner, you may be asking how this impacts your business, your cash flow, and your overall monetary strategy? Obviously, as rates continue to rise, so will any variable rate loans. If you consider t ...

Never Let the Size of Your Business Get in the Way of a Big Opportunity

Originally published in the San Francisco Business Times. Written by Tom Lynn, Senior Vice President/Senior Group Manager If your business has experienced growth, you may be considering office expansion or additional warehouse space. Or, have you decided to broaden your investment portfolio with acquisitions for owner-occupied real estate or commercial investment property? Regardless of your situation, you may have questions concerning the commercial lending process. As interest rates climb, this may be the perfect time to finalize those plans to take advantage of current borrowing rates. As your trusted advisors, we want to share some of the more common factors that are part of the consideration process when securing a commercial real estate loan: Financials. Like any loan, your financial information is crucial, so have this available, including a current balance sheet, income and expense statement (including real estate schedule, if appropriate), and three years’ worth of tax returns. ...