Business Promotions

Business Promotions

Business Promotions

How are you currently covering cash flow shortages?

A business line of credit can help keep your business running efficiently.  The benefits include the following:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Confidence to take on larger projects knowing the money is available when needed
  • Flexibility for your changing business needs
  • No fees on each advance
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Business Line of Credit Prime + 0.40% for 12 months1




1 Limited time offer. The rate is a variable rate and is based upon an index and a margin. The introductory rate will vary with the First Bank Prime Rate (the index) and is based on First Bank Prime plus 0.40%. The introductory rate will remain in effect for twelve months after loan origination. After this, the variable rate will be First Bank Prime + 1.50%. Offer based on auto-debit of payments from a First Bank checking account. This offer applies only to applications for a new Simple Business Solutions Line of Credit on requests of $100,000 or less.