About First Bank | Family Owned For Four Generations

About First Bank | Family Owned For Four Generations

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First Bank’s Legacy Takes Root

A dedicated, 100-year family history of ownership is an asset not many banks can tout. This culture of long-standing family ownership certainly sets First Bank apart from its counterparts in the financial services industry. Not only are we strengthened by experience, but we’re also steadied by the heritage of origins dating back as far as 1906. During this time, Creve Coeur Farmer’s Bank was established to help residents of a small, local community near St. Louis reach their financial goals. Creve Coeur Farmer’s Bank became Creve Coeur Bank, then First Missouri Bank in 1973, and finally, in 1986, it became First Bank.

First Bank Family PhotoA Legacy that Surpasses Generations

First Bank’s family heritage first began in 1910 when William F. Dierberg became president. Clients enjoyed the family-style approach to personalized banking services. Important core values started taking shape as clients realized the value of a banker as a strategic business partner. In 1945, William Dierberg realized the importance of family heritage and handed over the reins to his son, William F. Dierberg, Jr. He succeeded his father and began the second generation of independent, family ownership. The unwavering leadership and commitment to the client held steadfast when, in 1966, the generational handoff occurred once more, this time to James F. Dierberg.

The First Bank Expansion. In 1981, First Bank saw the first of many grocery store branches and expanded into Illinois. The bank assumed its current-day name, First Bank, in 1986. Expansion continued in 1995 when First Bank began operating in the California markets. Realizing the need to serve clients with brokerage options, First Bank began offering brokerage services in 1997. First Bank continued to expand its branch network. Today, you’ll find First Bank a financially-solid financial institution with over $6.0 billion in assets, over 90 retail branches, and full-service mortgage, wealth management, and business banking services. Most recently, First Bank Mortgage expanded its footprint into Kansas and Nebraska. In 2019, First Bank Mortgage officially changed its name to Belay Bank Mortgage in its Nebraska markets.

Growth and Family Leadership. Throughout our history, one constant remains: First Bank – and the communities in which we serve – is woven within the very fabric of the Dierberg family legacy. Now, in its fourth generation of family leadership, James Dierberg’s son, Michael Dierberg, now serves as Chairman of FB Corporation and President of First Bank. Michael embraces and embodies the core values of First Bank with a diligent focus on exceeding client expectations, maintaining First Bank as an independent, family-owned bank, while pursuing innovative ways to support the evolving landscape of financial services and banking.

Our Vision. At First Bank, our vision is clear. As a family business ourselves, family-owned businesses hold a special place in our hearts and we’ll go the extra mile to partner in their long-term success. Although we strive to serve all of our clients to the best of our abilities, privately-held and family-owned businesses are a segment we feel we can uniquely serve. We’re looking ahead to find every avenue we can to help support family-owned and privately-held businesses, regardless of their size or tenure. 

The Dierberg family, along with First Bank’s first-ever female Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Shelley Seifert, remain committed to continuing to grow and innovate in becoming the bank of choice for families and family-owned businesses and their employees for now and well into the future.

Financial Information

FB Corporation and affiliates continue to remain financially-sound. First Bank compares favorably to peers in asset quality, sustains a solid base of core relationship deposits, and is well positioned for long-term success. 

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